Here’s Nicki Minaj’s Response After Meek Mill Dissed Her At This Concert (Video)


Oh, excellent. We have more Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill absurdity to add to the ever-growing post-split shenanigans file. Let’s just take right on in, shall we?

During a concert on February 11th, Meek choose to share his feeling with the world. Boy, what is it about being a performer that makes one think, “Yes, this event where people spend a huge portion of the money to hear me perform is JUST the spot to begin display my belief on non-music matters?” Beyond baffling. Just attach to social media criticism like everyone else does, GOD!

Let’s have a look at what exactly happened there!

At first, Meek did this during his concert.

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In between songs, Meek informed attendees that he was ‘back on my own again’, before settling on a ‘fuck these b*tches’ note

It didn’t end here!

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Yes, he catches up ‘I’m on my own again’ with ‘fuck these b*tches’. We can’t believe why anybody wouldn’t hold with Meek. He’s a gem!

So, the bottom line is…

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Meek is eligible and openly crying about it. Fans believe that his little mini-rant was aimed at Nicki, which, let’s be fair, sounds likely given Meek’s track record with publishing strange remarks, especially when it comes to his ex lady-love.

But, what about the biggest fan of Nicki?

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Now, not so we are the greatest fans of Nicki (she can be tolerably mean and weak), but she needs to end it with the whole getting-super-duper-into-unfair-committed-relationships-with-tools thing.

At least her fans believe that she deserves better.

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And indeed she is, at least on paper, a bona fide catch. She’s passionate, she’s affluent, and she’s beautiful.

And, yes, we just complimented Nicki Minaj.

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So she certainly doesn’t need to be poverty-stricken it with sh*tty, super-rude man all the time. Aim higher, Miss Nicki Minaj!

Don’t you worry, but…

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It apparently won’t be long before Nicki pops up doing anything equally disturbing so that we are forced to remove our “she deserves better” opinion.

Don’t leave us dangling, Nicki! Get out there and strike back. It’ll give us (fans) something to talk about. [VIDEO]

That’s all, folks!